TIC vo vestibule Mestského kultúrneho strediskaTourist Information Center (TIC) is an institution that has resided within the foyer of the House of Culture in Hnúšťa since June 18th 2016.

The primary function of TIC is to provide residents and (seasonal) visitors of the city with local information as well as information regarding tourist events in the nearby geographical area, thus increasing public awareness of the Rimava region and the unique character of the city.

Throughout the (summer) season TIC actively helps citizens and visitors of the city to explore local, specific sites via (direct) tourist advisory services or in the form of (practical) assistance in order to ensure an enjoyable, unhindered experience of the city and its surroundings. These services include seasonal bike renting, organized bike-tours and other recreational trips that render nearby geographical surroundings more easily accessible.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, TIC also offers regional, handmade products for sale as well as souvenirs promoting the unique character of the city and its broader geographical region. The Kiosk of TIC is pleased to present the art and products of local artists, writers, craftsmen and other makers of regional products. Our unique inventory is continually expanded and updated to meet the needs and interests of our visitors.

The working spaces of TIC also provide free WiFi!